My work process has always revolved heavily around photography.  When I approach a new concept I start by collecting as much imagery as possible, taking several photos on one subject.  I then experiment with the same image in different mediums.  I often take one image through several different processes; I may print the original photo and then Xerox the photo for use in a transfer, that transferred image may later become part of a collage etc. Using photographic imagery creates a visual link to reality unlike any other medium, so that when fantastical or surreal images are achieved it adds a unique layer of depth.  Even when I sculpt I often work from past photo sessions.  Lately, I have begun to experiment with installations as a way of creating a complete environment in which to house my artwork and concepts.

I have always felt compelled to explore the imagery of subjects that make me uncomfortable.  I like to think that through artistic exploration I am creating a dialog about my subjects that is both thought provoking and open ended.