The Anonymous Heartache Project

An Experimental Transmedia Documentary

Call For Submissions

The Anonymous Heartache Project

Is a collaborative, documentary hybrid that explores the varied perceptions of human intimacy through the examination of personal messages that were never meant for public eyes.  We are looking for submissions from:


Have you ever happened upon an old “love/hate” letter while cleaning out a drawer or closet and wondered what todo with it?  we are looking for emotionally charged letters, emails, stories, voicemails etc. that address passion and/or conflict within relationships.


We invite filmmakers to explore our database and to participate in the project by creating a visual piece, based on a past submission, for our Video Vault. Submissions should be 1-5 minutes in length and must utilize one or more recordings from our Audio Archive which are available for download.  Filmmakers are also encouraged to use text from past submissions in their work.  Artists must have the rights to all visual material used in their submissions, and for any additional audio used.  The deadline for all submissions is rollingFor instructions on how to upload your final piece please email


In addition we encourage artists and creative people of all types to participate in the project by using the material published on this site any way they see fit. All material (audio, visual and textual) on our website is published under creative commons so get creative!

All submissions and inquiries

should be mailed to:

**All material submitted to The Anonymous Heartache Project will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License agreement.**

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  1. hello; i just heard you speak about your project on public radio broadcast of “the story.” i would be interested in being a third party reader if you have a need for same.
    thanks in advance for your consideration.

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