The Anonymous Heartache Project

An Experimental Transmedia Documentary



A.H.P. – 25:

No Subject


Hi Jane..I was browsing through the profiles and I was stopped in my tracks by you and your cute pic!! I love your incredible eyes and gorgeous smile! Personally, I think an awesome smile, pretty eyes and sexy hair are three of the most attractive qualities a woman can have…and yours are wonderful. There is also a sparkle in your eyes…the eyes are the window into the Soul…I do believe that wholeheartedly. I hope you do not mind me contacting you out of the blue here, I thought it might be nice to talk with the woman behind that awesome smile..hehe. I have a definite weakness for a curvy woman with pretty eyes, a nice smile, sexy feet and polished toes…and likes to tickle..hehe

I am a very down to earth, adventurous, outdoor type guy…. 6′ tall with brown hair…sometimes blonde…lol 185 lbs….muscular/althletic build with ocean blue eyes… only crazy side being the fact that I am so insanely ticklish…lol My belly button is the most ticklish part of my body. It’s not only just inside the navel, but anywhere around that sensitive area…hehe I just wish there might possibly be a playful woman that would enjoy watching a muscular, handsome ticklish guy wiggle, squirm, giggle and moan from his weakness…

I am now living near PCU now, having went to college here on a football scholarship and played linebacker until I severly injured my left knee, requiring recontructive surgery….another promising NFL career down the drain…lol During rehabilitation I took up writing…I had dabbled in the past, but now I had a real opportunity and I really have a passion for writing now.. Am I boring you yet? LOL Ever since childhood my imagination was my escape. Having been born with a vivid imagination was the greatest gift nature bestowed upon me.

I am a very positive, optimistic guy, who accepts challenges but with a tender heart. I love the little things in life, like quiet melodies, smell of a fresh rain and looking at the stars. My family, friends are very important to me. I enjoy sometimes being in a crowd at parties and such but would much rather be with just a handful good friends just hanging out. I am kind of a romantic..loving to cuddle by a fire but I do enjoy going to movies or walks in the forest. Do you like a lively conversation, with a lot of laughs thrown in? Me too!! I would like to find my Ms. Right, who is dreaming about tender, warm and ticklish guy. You can write me to my email address that is: ———@—.com


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